2020 Virtual Tour Artists

These artists participated in last year's virtual tour. Click on the artist's name to view their video. Please note that the site numbers correspond to the artists' site numbers from last year's tour.


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Donna Beales is a jewelry artist who creates original Celtic-inspired works in  silver and gold using an assortment of semi precious and precious stones. Donna's husband, Thomas Beales is a photographer.

FB Donna Beales.jpg


Celtic Tribal Jewelry

Art work for sale: http://DonnaBeales.etsy.com

Contact: Contact: DLBeales@gmail.com


Janice Chassier says nature inspires ceramic originals that are hand built, sculpted, or thrown on a potters wheel.  Magical Obvara Firing process makes magic pots and sculptures.

FB Janice Chassier.jpg


Goose Nest Pottery


Web Site: www.goosenestpottery.com

Instagram: undertheoaktreegallery

Contact: chassier4@comcast.net

clay, sculpture 

Annette Devitt is a fiber and watercolor artist. Color is an integral part of both her fiber creations and her paintings. Her current series of hand dyed, handwoven scarves are inspired by the colors of nature.

FB Annette Devitt.jpg


fiber, fine art

Deborah DiMarco works with fused and flame worked glass which includes fused panels as well as small items such as jewelry and figurines.

FB Deb DiMarco 4.jpg


Studio Del Vetro


Web Site: www.studiodelvetro.com

Facebook: Studio del Vetro

Contact: studiodelvetro@gmail.com


Diane Driessen focuses her artwork on the natural world in her immediate surroundings.  Her recent painted paper collages highlight vegetables as the subject. 

FB Diane Driessen.jpg



Instagram: driessenpaperart


fine art, mixed medium

There is a large, scenic, O gauge train display up and running for children to enjoy, as well as studio space open where Bob and Vicki Dyer do glass art and metal art.

FB Vicki Dyer.jpg


Alloway Trains 'N Things


Web Site: www.allowaytrainsnthings.com

Facebook: Alloway Trains 'N Things

Contact: vdyer@hughes.net

glass, metal, train display

Kimberly English is a professional acrylic painter portraying the fields, equipment, and operations of the active agricultural community in southern New Jersey. Realistic renderings that illuminates the often over looked beauty that exists within farming.

FB Kim English.jpg



Web Site: www.kimberlyenglish.com

Facebook: Kimberly English Art

Instagram: kimberlyenglishart

Contact: kimberlydenglish@gmail.com


fine art, photography

Kathleen Fowser and her sister-in-law, Cindy Fowser, started taking metalsmithing classes several years ago at the Delaware Art Museum. It has developed into a passion for both of them. They love the process of taking silver and designing beautiful pieces of wearable jewelry.

FB Cindy Fowser.jpg


John Greco of GW Pens in Woodstown handcrafts all pens sold in his brick & mortar retail shop on-site, where you can watch as the pens are made. Specializing in historic woods. Custom orders accepted.

FB John Greco.jpg


GW Pens


Web Site: www.gwpens.com

Facebook: GWPens

Instagram: gwpens

Contact: john@gwpens.com

pen making

Mary F. Styles Harbs creates whimsical art, jewelry, and paintings. Her gift/ice cream shop features art by local artists.

FB Mary Harbs.jpg


Sweet Things with Styles

Facebook: Sweet Things with Styles

Contact: 856-358-3886


fine art, jewelry, mixed medium

Bruce Jo is an art enthusiast who always searches for aesthetic beauty and perfection. With some experience in oil painting and photography, recently he is practicing digital painting to achieve versatility.

FB Bruce Jo 2.jpg



Web Site: www.salemartbank.com

Facebook: Salem Art Bank

Instagram: salemartbank

Contact: salemartbank@gmail.com

fine art

Sandra Koberlein is drawn to paint with encaustic because of its ancient history, its uniqueness and the creative challenges it brings. Her artworks are composed of multiple layers which become complex paintings, enticing the viewer into further investigation.


FB Sandra Koberlein again C.jpg

fine art - encaustic

Karla Lehnhoff's love for animals, nature, and color has made her express herself through watercolor. Karla's work is in private collections in the US and abroad. She specializes in equine themes.

FB Karla Lehnoff.jpg

fine art

Sue Ann Leighty's favorite subjects for her paintings are animals and portraits.

FB Sue Ann Leighty 2.jpg

fine art

Richard McDermott creates drawings, paintings, and prints inspired  by experiences and life on the outer coastal plain.

FB Richard McDermott.jpg

fine art

Ann and George Neff create and share their popular puppets, stages and toy theatres during Arts in Bloom. Adults and children may make simple paper sculpture puppets or play in a toy theatre telling a familiar story.

FB Neffs 3 again.jpg

performance art