Welcome to the 2020 Arts in Bloom - Virtual Artists Studio Tour. Here's how the tour will work. Videos will be posted to the Salem County Arts in Bloom Facebook page on the following schedule. If you are not on Facebook, this page will also have links to the artists' videos starting at 10 am on Saturday morning. If you are interested in the schedule of artists based  on the medium they use, click here.



Note: We have a “Lunchtime Special” both days with videos every 15 minutes between noon and 1 pm.

Here is the supply list for the Dig Into Art activities.


SATURDAY, MAY 16        

     9:55 AM   Introduction video


   10:00 AM   Helene Paxton of Chapter One Farms Creations

   10:30 AM   Karla Lehnhoff


   11:00 AM   Gregg Perry of Perry's Restoration Studio

   11:30 AM   Maria Payer

   12:00 PM   John Greco of GW Pens 


    12:15 PM   Diane Driessen

    12:30 PM   Skeff Thomas

    12:45 PM   Ann & George Neff - Dr. Neff's Incredible Puppet Co.

     1:00 AM   DIG INTO ART - Paper Talker Puppet


      1:30 PM   Kimberly English Art, LLC

      2:00 PM   Leslie Walker of SeamLes Art

      2:30 PM   Mary Harbs of Sweet Things with Styles

      3:00 PM   Mary Rowson

      3:15 PM   DIG INTO ART - Art of the Plate

      3:30 PM   Janice Chassier of Goose Nest Pottery at Under the Oak Tree Gallery

      4:00 PM   Doris Nogueira-Rogers

      4:30 PM   Pat Turin, Jessica Turin, & Antonia Wilkerson of Butterfly Gypsy Studio


      5:00 PM   Vicki and Bob Dyer of Alloway Trains 'N Things

      5:15 PM   DIG INTO ART - Scavenger Hunt


SUNDAY - MAY 17            

    10:00 AM   Donna Beales of Celtic Tribal Jewels

    10:30 AM   Salem County Art League

    10:45 AM   DIG INTO ART - Floating Triangle - 3D Optical Illusion Drawing


    11:00 AM   Greg Stett

    11:30 AM   Bruce Jo of Salem Art Bank

    12:00 PM   Anita E. West

    12:15 PM   Deborah DiMarco of Studio del Vetro

    12:30 PM   Sue Ann Leighty

    12:45 PM   Third Star Fiber Guild

      1:00 PM   DIG INTO ART - Easy Marker Watercolor


      1:30 PM   Mary Wolfe

      2:00 PM   Mary Waddington Fine Art Photography

      2:30 PM   Richard McDermott

      3:00 PM   Sheldon Strober of Strober's Riverbay Studios

      3:15 PM   DIG INTO ART - Virtual Plein Air


      3:30 PM   Sandra Koberlein of Supawna Studio

      4:00 PM   Kathleen Fowser & Cindy Fowser of Christmas Tree Farm

      4:30 PM   Nancy Sadowl of Coyote Moon

      5:00 PM   Annette Devitt of Home Coming Art Studio

      5:15 PM   DIG INTO ART - Loom Knitting

      5:30 PM   Wrap-up Video